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ProPublica, August 2022

The government gives hundreds of millions of dollars in Work Opportunity Tax Credits to temp agencies, even if the jobs they offer don’t lead to permanent employment. Many top recipients of the credit have long records of labor violations.

Vermont Public Radio and Seven Days, November 2019

The investigation by Vermont Public Radio and Seven Days revealed patterns of inadequate staffing and care had led to indignities, injuries and deaths at Vermont elder care facilities.


Vermont Public Radio, July 2019

Over the last two decades, roughly 200 debtors in Caledonia County’s small claims court were issued illegal arrest warrants after missing hearings or failing to make payments.

Vermont Public Radio, March, 2019

Children in psychiatric distress spend days at UVM's Medical Center without receiving medical attention, while 11 full-time child psychiatrists pursue other endeavors on the hospital's campus.


Vermont Public Radio, April 2018

Revenue from heavy speed enforcement completely offsets the cost of law enforcement for taxpayers, and creates thousands of dollars in profits for Windsor County Sheriff Michael Chamberlain.

New Hampshire Public Radio, March 2017

This series established the substantial and previously undocumented racial disparities at each step of New Hampshire's criminal legal system.

nhpr justice.jpg

Vermont Public Radio, December 2017

Farm runoff isn't just polluting Vermont lakes and streams — nitrate from manure and fertilizer is also contaminating private drinking wells. Although the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets has regulatory authority, its response is inconsistent, and often undocumented.

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